Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sarah Says I Should Write Again

Does she know its been one entire year since my last post? That's just sad. I actually forgot all about this blog. Seems as though my blog name couldn't save me. New York is a very busy place. Time is flying and I don't even know where to. I'll be back.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

les babies

ah jason, i don't deserve to be bookmarked!! how long has it been? too long. congratulations to my friend jason and his wife lyndsey on their new baby boy, ian. a shout out to my good friends amber and ivano on their petit bébé, braeden (i'm pretty sure i spelled that one wrong). and we can't forget about christie and brian's bundle of joy, eric, the second of two boys. my point is this, besides utter joy for these new babes, but the boys seem to be making a comeback on the population front, after years of terror that the females would dominate the earth, there is hope for them yet.

without hope however, seems to be fashion. i've kept my mouth shut for this long, but it if i see one more direct replica of my garb from the fourth through seventh grades, i'm going to freak out. i'm all about bringing back elements, but the same outfits, my goodness. i thought it was bad when i saw leggings, then leggings with lace bottoms, but this morning on the subway i saw the unthinkable...TIGHT ROLLED JEANS. have we no shame people. lets be more original and think of something else. and before napolean dynamite gets slammed for his perm he may want to rethink it, you, napolean, would be quite a hot commodity in my hood, where tight rolled jeans may just be a precurser to tight-rolled spiral perms.

and one more note. you wrinkly old men should be ashamed of yourselves drooling over the penthouse covers in the window of the cigar store. not a site i want to see on a beautiful spring morning while i walk to work!

until the next time, which, let's admit, could be quite a while.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

quick thought.

i find it fascinating that we will sit next to complete strangers on the subway, but are terrified of getting too close to those we already know or want to know better. i'm thinking about first dates/crushes, coworkers, relatives, etc. or maybe that's just me.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

beautiful sunday

the deli guy just pulled a fast one on me and passed off bland cucumber slices as crunchy dill. bastard. anyway. its been awhile. seems as though i'm not so devoted to writing about my life in the big apple. i realize its not that difficult to take a few minutes to share my thoughts, but let me tell you what i've been doing instead...

...seeing the magic numbers perform at webster hall (quite possibly best live music experience in my life)
...sharing some serious quality time with my mac at csa
...seeing the city the way it should be seen due to kraxy's passion for touring
...following a non-english speaking woman a few blocks off of canal street, down into a basement, past a locked gate, to check out the "real" fake bags then using the restroom in quite possibly the scariest, dirtiest room ever
...splitting a bottle of chilled white at a cafe on the sidewalk in little italy with marissa and brian
...getting to know my co-workers and thanking god everyday that melissa is at csa to laugh with
...discovering shake shack escapes
...trying to fight the urge to buy a new pair of shoes to commemorate everyday i'm here (i have one spot left on the rack though)
...wondering what georgia has against happy hour, therefore taking full advantage of the nyc policy and racking up a $6 bartab max at fiddlesticks in the village.
...trying to ignore the amount of homeless men sleeping on my walk underground to 16th street, but not allowing myself (it breaks my heart)
...dining at pastis, eating the most delicious mussels of my life and nonchalantly peering at semi-famous people
...laughing constantly
...welling up at the ticket counter at the second terminal i went to, only to discover my first trip to chicago wasn't going to happen because the flight was cancelled (seriously, what is the deal, that's my second attempt!)
...realizing that maybe an irish coffee at a shady bar isn't the best saturday afternoon cocktail choice (image to follow later)
...sitting at a tiki bar with geoff, sand at our feet (in brooklyn, inside), drinking pina coladas and wondering how they clean the floors at the end of the night...that can't be kosher

and here i am.

Monday, March 27, 2006

where the heck did the title bar go?

monday morning at work. its pretty quiet around here. i have to say its nice. i've been so busy here i've managed to fly through six weeks doing what i love to do best. setting type. ok i do more than that. it really is a beautiful thing though. i've recently developed dream sequences all based on kerning and various type treatments. i feel that my subconscious is trying to tell me something. gone are the dreams of running through fields, my arms extended to meet my hot lover..(ok i never had dreams like that, but i'm a bit disappointed in my dreams nonetheless).

i can't tell you how amazing it feels to step outside of yourself and see that your life is changing. i live in NYC. crazy. well brooklyn. crazy. interning at a design firm in NYC. crazy. they actually let me do real work. crazy!

and soon spring arrives... i really don't want to leave this place. and i'm still convinced a sweet old man is going to see some sparkle in my eye and hand over his $400/month, 2-bedroom apartment in the village to me because i smiled at him on the subway. ahhh. my dreams are back! later.

Friday, March 03, 2006

here we go...

my first attempt 3/3/06

so i've been meaning to set this up for a couple of weeks now and i was finally nudged to do so by hank, himself. apparently he knows how forgetful i am and that i may not be able to call upon my new york experiences for references if i need to. thanks hank! its a bit chilly out this evening and lucky for me the wind was at my back pushing me home like a brooklyn tumbleweed. i've just wrapped up my third week (really??) at carbone smolan and i am looking forward to the weekend so i can hibernate and get back to my healthy self. it seems as though i've caught a bit of a nasty cold and am too proud to call in sick. i still can't believe i'm living in new york. any fear i had that i was too southern to handle the freezing winters up here are silenced, i'm pretty proud to say i can take it.